About Zest Choir

10.30AM- 12PM

83 Bath Road, Longwell Green, Bristol, BS30 9DF
(Door at the back of the Car Park)

The totally awesome inclusive choir for those who know or have been told that they cannot sing. However, we believe that the joyful benefits of singing in a group should be for everyone without fear of embarrassment about hitting the right notes and perhaps worrying that they might not fit into the regular choir. So we have created the perfect singing group for you but with the hope that we might be able to help and improve your skills as time goes on.

Everyone can sing and everyone can improve. Singing is a learnt talent (everyone starts knowing nothing) that improves little by little over time. So let's prove to those people of our past and present who told you to not to bother singing when that we should be proud of our unique vocal instruments. Singing is such a personal extension of yourself and they did not realise the long-term damage to your confidence. They wouldn't be so critical if you were learning another new skill and in those situations most people would tell you to practice more and enjoy the journey.

Zest Tone Deaf Choir will be full of friendly people who just like you who may fear hitting the right notes and remembering the words so it is a win/win situation as you are all in the same boat. If doesn't matter what you fear you can't do in this choir as I want everyone to enjoy theirselves, feel the music through their bodies and perform with what they have being the best they can be right now. A sense of humour is essential.

Music from Abba, Queen, Adele, Rock, Pop and More. Learning tracks will be supplied so you can practice at home.

So what is stopping you. Let's show 'em that singing is for everyone!

£7 a session and £5 for over 65's. 

JOIN NOW- Just turn up or ring Mary on 07954 170532 or zestchoir@gmail.com.
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